App in your design (iOS for Apple iPhones)


(€571.20 Servicegebühren pro Jahr)

Tax included

Company owned iOS App

Own App Logo

Own App start page

Direct Login

Listed in Apple App Store or as download for your Company

plus registration- and App Store costs
Costs as of Aug 2020
Apple 99,00 Euro p.a.



App branding

Your app in the web stores iOS

Instructions and trainings with digital signatures

  • Confirmation of the declaration of receipt (e.g. information about the rights and obligations of the employee)
  • Editing the lessons
  • View (download) the content and answer the questions of understanding
  • Confirmation of the completion declaration (e.g. confirmation that the user processed the instruction independently, notice that the user can ask questions and must then confirm this)
  • Chat tool within the system to exchange messages / pictures / videos with managers or specialists for occupational safety
  • Possibility to save your own comments and pictures
  • Edit profile (upload picture, edit personal hashtags)
  • Password reset (new password will be emailed to the user & the manager)
  • Set reminders
  • Languages ​​and character sets Standard language English / German / French - all Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic and Chinese characters are localized in the system
  • (excluding opening accounts and costs for the Apple App Store)

Data sheet

License Period
12 months
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