Basic trainings

Basics of Health and Safety

Basics for Office workplace

Basics of noise protection

Personal Protective Equipment

Basics of  use of ladders and stepladders

Basics of slips and trips hazard

Basics skin protection

Lifting equipment and manual handling

Fire emergency

Fire Action Safety

Rescue and emergency escape routes

Rescue signs

Fire protection signs

Facility Management

Ladders and stepladders advanced

Safety working in heights


Safety of power tools 

Desktop workplace, Office and Ergonomics



Noise protection

Facility Services

Safety cleaning offices (Shards in paper baskets)

Ladders and stepladders

Working at heights - fall from windows

Safety floor cleaning - risk of slipping

Control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH)

Protection of Skin

Slips and Trips hazards 

Security and Exhibitions

Personal Safety Equipment

Fire Protection on Events

Instructions of Temp Workers

Inspection of Location and Workers on site


Ladders and stepladders


Working with moving loads

Working with fork-lift and other manual or semi automatic vehicles

Field Force, Installation and Assembly

Safety when carrying loads (Suitcases, laptops, Tool-Boxes, ladders etc.)

Personal Safety Equipment 

Breaks and Other Off-times

Lifting and Carrying weights

Warehouse and Logistic

Safety in a Warehouse with Fork-Lifts and loads

Safety with lifted loads, in heavy weight elevators and automated order pickers

Personal Protection Equipment (Cuts and other hazards)

Slippery or uneven surfaces

Production und workshop

Tidiness (avoiding slips and trips hazards) 

Working on machine tools

Chips, Cooling liquid and waste

Extended skin protection

Personal Protection Equipment in Production und workshop

Tidiness enhancing Safety

Use of Fork-Lifts and other Load-Lifting vehicles

1st Check

Traffic Rules


Carrying loads

No Sight

Trouble Shooting and accident actions

Special loads

Special Situations

Checks after use

Transport of Goods and People

Driving and Rest periods General rules and exceptions

Driving and Rest periods for truck or bus drivers

Driving and Rest periods drivers‘ obligations

Using a Company Car

1st Check

Operating Manual

While driving 

After utilisation

Psychological stress and mental work load 

Type of work

Work organization

Social Relations

Work environment


Basics of addiction



Workers Council and HR 

Safety for Leaders

Basic Principles

Obligations of the Company

Obligations of Leaders

Obligations of employees

Workers Council and HR 

Safety in Health and Social Care

Scalding and burning hazards

Cuttings and sharp injury hazard

Slipping and tripping hazards

Lifting weights