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Selection of the course language by the employee

Languages: 27

Basic language can be choosen for the platform

Management and translation proof reading on the web

Available from Q1 2022

Not Available


Management and creation on the web

Assignment to users for implementation on the web

Use on Android or iOS mobile devices

Recording of checkpoints using a checklist

Assessment of current status

Assessment of the risk according to the stored risk matrix

Documentation of the risk by adding text and pictures and suggestions for necessary measures (the mobile device may also have voice input with transcription)

Possibility of forwarding the checkpoint as an email via link to colleagues to eliminate the risk and initiate the measures 

Link enables access to the individual checkpoints with an additional comment field in which the rectification and the measures are documented in text and images and released for review by the person responsible for the GBU

The editor (SiFa) comments on these and forwards them back to the editor or completes the changes with approval

Inspection or GBU can be exported as an Open Office document at any time and is then released for editing in Word and other word processors.

Option: import of checklists from CSV / Excel


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