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Ladders and Steps
  • Ladders and Steps
  • Ladders and Steps
  • Ladders and Steps
  • Ladders and Steps

Ladders and Steps

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If you want to go high, you need an ascent. For example a ladder or a step. Unfortunately not every climb leads to the summit successfully, some end with the free fall. Thousands of ladder accidents per year clearly show that the step from rung to rung does not seem to be that easy. (DGUV).


  • Ladders and steps
  • Instructions for handling ladders and steps
  • General
  • What should you watch out for when using ladders and steps?
  • Working on ladders - in general
  • Notes for employees on the correct handling of ladders
  • Using steps


Complete instruction template

According to DGUV guidelines with information about rights and obligations at the beginning and a personal confirmation that the course was personally processed by the participant, as well as a digital signature of the proof of instruction from the participant and the responsible manager

1 lesson with instructional documents (documents, podcast, pictures, video and links (partially for download)), as well as 10-12 single choice and multiple choice comprehension questions

After importing into your platform, all content can (must) be adapted to your specific threats and conditions in your company so that it fully meets the requirements of the legislator

The automatic repeat is set to 50 weeks as standard (customizable)

% Rate for successful completion of the course is 80% (customizable)

The participant signs digitally (recording the IP address and the date and time stamp) in any case a corresponding proof. The proof can also be printed and then personally signed

Processing time 10-15 minutes


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