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Software is a product that is sold to us as a license in order to achieve only one thing: More service revenue!

Do you want to work with software that first asks you to pay before you can work yourself? Or first gobbles up introduction costs that make you nauseous.

Are you tired of the feeling of not being in the driver's seat but just being a passenger?
And having to pay for every lane change or turn?
We do it differently - HSE 4.0 puts you in the driver's seat!


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Companies don't change people, people change companies!

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As part of the lecture "Fundamentals of Marketing Communication" at the international vocational academy, Achim Schaller was invited as an expert on Wednesday, January 27, 2021. About Microsoft TEAMS, Mr. Schaller gave a keynote speech for the 1st semester of business administration on the subject:
"Online Marketing", more precisely:
+ Marketing communication
+ Addressing customers through acquisition
+ Automation
Using a presentation involving the students, he gave the participants an everyday impression of working life. Achim Schaller presented his content clearly and structured in a pleasant atmosphere. The students then emphasized the practical relevance and the technical expertise of a seasoned entrepreneur, to whom they were allowed to ask detailed questions. Mr. Schaller was open to suggestions so that the course could derive added value from them.
Thank you very much - gladly again!
Nadine Tannreuther

Expert impulse iba students

We are working with HSE 4.0 for some time now and it helped us to improve our overall health and Safety level, improved the awareness of our some 30+ employees in Germany and abroad for Health and Safety and helped us to reduce Safety Hazards and work accidents. The Service moraleda GmbH is offering is such, that they helped us to implement the software and the online trainings within 2 weeks at fair costs and reasonable effort from our side. So we are really recommending moraleda GmbH and we consider to support onboarding processes in our offices abroad with HSE 4.0.

Svetlana SolovyovaQuadecco GmbH, Managing Director

We have been working with HSE 4.0 for some time and the platform has helped us improve our occupational safety level. Health and safety awareness among our employees at home and abroad has improved, and safety risks and work-related accidents have decreased. moraleda GmbH gave us excellent support with the implementation and delivered the software and the online training within 2 weeks at a fair cost and with reasonable effort on our part. The acceptance of our employees at home and abroad is also very high thanks to the ease of use. We can describe the platform and the cooperation as excellent. We can well imagine using HSE 4.0 to support our internal training in the future.

Hans-Jürgen Rinserthatsmobile GmbH, Managing Director


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