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Occupational safety and e-learning à la carte – HSE 4.0 and e-learning 4.0

For our customers from all industries and of all sizesoccupational safety in the company andE-Learning 4.0 is a cost-effective further development of the HSE 4.0 concept. E-Learning 4.0 is the platform solution for companies that need a digital instruction and learning platform or want to use an agile extension to the very powerful learning management systems for occupational safety.


E-Learning 4.0 is based on the use of technology and digital media to support learning. HSE 4.0 It represents a new era of e-learning focused on personalized, social,occupational safety in the company, work safety software, work safety software, work safety software, work safety software,focused on adaptive and continuous learning, enabled through the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and other advanced technologies. Every customer has full administrator access and is no longer dependent on internal or external suppliers.

E-Learning 4.0 puts people at the center and offers everyone a personalized learning environment that adapts to their individual learning needs and preferences.

In our Learning Experience System (LXP), every learner can create their own content and thus contribute to internal knowledge transfer.



E-learning for every company!

E-learning for all topics!

Efficient, simple and agile

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150 Trainings im Shop!

Easily customizable as templates!

Own trainings in 20 minutes!

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Simply no IT project!

Little manpower!

Ready for operation in 24 hours!




Everyone is involved!

Own reports by mail!

Web and app access!


You already have an e-learning?

Do you want to save costs?

Do you want to become faster and more flexible?

Do you want to become more agile?

Do you want to involve external companies?

Then look here ….

You are a fan of in-person workplace safety training

FACE-TO-FACE TRAININGClassroom training is the only way to see if my listeners understand?

Classroom training is felt to be the only way to connect with people?

Classroom training is the only way to react flexibly?

But face-to-face training also causes a lot of administrative work?

Then let yourself be inspired with a few thoughts ….

Some of our references

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Digital Lernen 4.0

Digital Learning 4.0

What changes!

What do I have to consider!

What is the best way to use it?

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Compliance 4.0

Compliance 4.0

Nobody likes it!

Everyone must do it!

So make it as easy as possible!

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Consulting 4.0

Consulting 4.0

Help with digitization!

>30 years of experience!

>500 successful projects!

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Suchtberatung 4.0

Addiction counseling 4.0

Dealing with those affected!

Colleague training!

emergency help!


Industry 5.0

Industry 5.0

waste avoidance

What can each human do?

What is that supposed to help?

How can I get involved?

Astrid Meyer-Krumenacker - Rechtsanwältin und Autorin ..."As a lawyer, I have been working in the compliance area for 25 years and have been looking for ways to communicate the various topics to clients simply and effectively. The e-learning platform from moraleda GmbH gives us the opportunity to create topics and adapt them very easily to customer-specific processes. At the same time, the ease of use and the high degree of automation within the system is a key to being able to avoid risks for customers even better and to inform and train employees in a timely manner!”

Astrid Meyer-Krumenacker


"OSWALD Elektromotoren GmbH, from Miltenberg am Main, Bavaria, employs 200 people in development, production and sales. We have been building electric motors for over 100 years and are a 4th generation family business. We have been working with moraleda GmbH since 2021. We use the HSE 4.0 software as a cloud solution to regularly instruct our employees on occupational safety issues. The introduction of the software was closely monitored by moraleda GmbH and well received by everyone. We have continuously expanded the subject areas. What impressed us the most was the ease of use, service and support from the company.”

Christopher Watkins

Oswald GmbH

Müller Feinblechbautechnik GmbH

"We are an owner-managed family company based in Frammersbach in the field of metal processing. As a manufacturer of custom-made products, furniture and equipment for the pharmaceutical industry and the canteen kitchen sector, we process sheet metal with a thickness of up to 25 mm. Our 100 employees have been using HSE 4.0 as an instruction platform since it was introduced in 2021. The system gives us maximum flexibility and ease of use, so that today we create all of our necessary instructions ourselves. We have continuously expanded the subject areas with our own instructions. We appreciate the simplicity and intuitive operation of the software as well as the service that moraleda GmbH offers us with short response times and solutions.”

Klaus Mill, operations manager

Müller Feinblechbautechnik GmbH

As part of the lecture "Fundamentals of Marketing Communication" at the international vocational academy, Achim Schaller was invited as an expert on Wednesday, January 27, 2021. About Microsoft TEAMS, Mr. Schaller gave a keynote speech for the 1st semester of business administration on the subject:
"Online Marketing", more precisely:
+ Marketing communication
+ Addressing customers through acquisition
+ Automation
Using a presentation involving the students, he gave the participants an everyday impression of working life. Achim Schaller presented his content clearly and structured in a pleasant atmosphere. The students then emphasized the practical relevance and the technical expertise of a seasoned entrepreneur, to whom they were allowed to ask detailed questions. Mr. Schaller was open to suggestions so that the course could derive added value from them.
Thank you very much - gladly again!
Nadine Tannreuther

Expert impulse iba students

Profilfoto von Svetlana Solovyova"We are working with HSE 4.0 for some time now and it helped us to improve our overall health and Safety level, improved the awareness of our some 30+ employees in Germany and abroad for Health and Safety and helped us to reduce Safety Hazards and work accidents. The Service moraleda GmbH is offering is such, that they helped us to implement the software and the online trainings within 2 weeks at fair costs and reasonable effort from our side. So we are really recommending moraleda GmbH and we consider to support onboarding processes in our offices abroad with HSE 4.0."

Quadecco GmbHQuadecco GmbH, Managing Director

Profilfoto von Hans-Juergen Rinser"We have been working with HSE 4.0 for some time and the platform has helped us to raise our level of occupational safety significantly. The awareness of our employees at home and abroad for health and safety has improved and safety risks and accidents at work have decreased. moraleda GmbH gave us excellent support during the implementation and delivered the software and the online training within 2 weeks at a fair cost and with reasonable effort on our part.The acceptance of our employees at home and abroad is also very high thanks to the ease of use. We can describe the platform and the cooperation as excellent. We can well imagine using HSE 4.0 in the future to support our internal training."

, Managing Director

Thatsmobile GmbHthatsmobile GmbH, Managing Director

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