Conviction 4.1 - Advanced course
  • Conviction 4.1 - Advanced course
  • Conviction 4.1 - Advanced course
  • Conviction 4.1 - Advanced course
  • Conviction 4.1 - Advanced course
  • Conviction 4.1 - Advanced course
  • Conviction 4.1 - Advanced course

Conviction 4.1 - Advanced course

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In this interactive online course, you will deepen and expand your knowledge of real-time communication and professional empathy. You understand your interlocutors and can assess your mood and situation. This is the basis for coherent offers and accepted proposals and guarantees the success of your conversation.

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Have you successfully completed the “Convince 4.0” basic course? And now want to reach the top level in terms of communication? Reach your customers, employees or colleagues emotionally and make them partners? Achieve your goals and often more in agreement with your interlocutors?

Then this course is the really crucial step for you:

Because in conversations, phone calls, meetings or negotiations, you don't have time to really think. Your success here depends solely on your available skills. In the basic course you have become familiar with communicating in real time and the basics of professional empathy.

Now take the next step towards professional empathy. You learn to understand the behavior of your interlocutors and to classify them correctly. You understand WHAT you can do, WHY and HOW, to respond exactly to what moves the other side. You will target the interests, worries or sensitivities of your interlocutors in a targeted manner.

You will learn how to achieve this in this multimedia online training with the following focuses and content:

  1. Recognize and understand emotional behavior programs
  2. Use words to create emotionally effective, targeted images
  3. Bringing arguments eloquently to the point and safely reaching the goal
  4. Record results, finalize discussions with binding effect

The training has a modular structure and is clearly divided into chapters. Each chapter consists of a series of short, easy-to-understand videos that build your knowledge step by step. A chat window gives you the opportunity to ask questions to a trainer who will answer you promptly within 24 hours. This dialogue with a trainer enables targeted, individual learning. As a user, you can measure your learning progress with quiz questions in each chapter.


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